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Where Are You in Your Life?


Everybody is somewhere in the life. At different places, in different situations. Somebody is living life of their dreams, somebody is doing job he/she hate, somebody is living in depressions.

What about you?

  What situation or situations are you currently experiencing in your life? Why are you reading this article? Maybe you are struggling with the feeling of having untapped potential or you fear you are living just an “okay life” rather than the life of your dreams. Maybe you are trying to find something that can secure your finances because your back is against the wall and your mortgage and loans are kicking your backside. Maybe you just want to start something new to help change your life for the better. Maybe you think it’s time to reinvent yourself completely. Maybe you are just sick of listening to someone giving you orders at the same mundane job you’ve had for a decade? If so, congratulations! Congratulations for being at this phrase in your life!

These examples help you think about your own situation, as well as to reassure youself that wherever you are at in your life, you are not alone. So, dig deeper and just be honest with yourself. Sometimes we pretend to ourselves and others that everything is just okay. We forget what really matters. You must try to break down that “everything-is-okay mindset” and write down what truly is in your heart.

Write it down

I recommend you get up right now (or at least after you read this article) and take a note pad, your phone, or your computer, and make a note of, Where am I in my life?” You can go deeper beyond just your finances and write down where you are in the different areas of your life that matter most: love, intimacy, health, your career, and your family. Go ahead and jot down these areas on a piece of paper and, next to each one, describe where you are.

Don’t write other people’s perceptions of you. Instead, when you look in the mirror and you’re dead honest with yourself. Where are you?

But why?

Knowing where you are in your life is a starting point in your life transformation. Before we can create our ideal destination, we need to know our starting point. If you are not happy with your current life situation you have to find out in which areas of your life the biggest change needed is. Once you know it, you can start focus on fixing these problems and turning your life into the direction you want.

Be honest with yourself, your future self will thank you for that.


“Sometimes it’s the small decision that can change your life forever.” (Keri Russell)